Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring 2013

An 8x10 sketch of The Quebecois.

A savage 8x10 sketch of a canoe/kayak rack from Cherry Beach.

An 8x10 painting from High Park.

An 10x8 painting of a water lily bloom from the Brickwork paintout here in Toronto.

An 16x8 painting of the tanker "Metis" from Cherry St.

An 10x8 sketch of car parked on Harbord St. from the other day.  Trying to experiment painting against the sun with this one.


Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Wow, it looks great Michael! Love the light showing trough the wind-shield.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Thanks Dado!

Jason Cheng said...

Beautiful light, positively luminous!

I feel if you leave some of the far side of the hull less in direct light it would help to sell the foreshortening. Also better perspective on the lettering...small detail but in this case important to get it right!