Friday, April 02, 2010


An 8x10 of few Albacores from St James Town Sailing Club at Cherry Beach, Toronto.

6x8 of the "Challenge" from Queens Quay West.

A waterfront fire boat from Queens Quay. 6x8.

An 8x10 of the "Challenge" from Queens Quay.

Some sort of large barn from earlier this week. 8x10

An 8x10 from yesterday of a nice farm near Stouffville, Ontario.

8x10 sketch from the other day. This a '69 ragtop Bug.

A 6x8 painting of one of those new fangled VW bugs.

An 8x10 of the "Crystal" on the north side of the ROM building in Toronto. A few touches added after.

An 8x10 sketch from today. Some sort of coach house in an alley.

Here's an 8x10 sketch of the CN Tower from the other day.