Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fish & Chips

An 8x10 sketch of an old victorian house.

Ah yes, forgot to post a pic of my new openM box knock off! I got the box at Curry's for $15 and did the rest at home.. saved over $200 I think! :D

Here's a bit of an experiment from the other day. Trying to go for more of an overall composition with a figure in it, something I can finish indoors. Plan to mess more with this one. 8x10 oil.

A quick 6x8 jobbie from the other day. One of the U of T buildings around the corner from me. This one just 3 colours.

Here's a painting of Harbord Fish & Chips near where I live. Finally tidied up some more of the details, and am going to stick with this. This 8x16 oil on board.