Wednesday, May 21, 2008

queens quay

A few paintings of the "Empire Sandy" and the "Pajama", two tall ships parked at Queens Quay here in downtown Toronto.

The Pajama

The Empire Sandy


C. Ousley said...

Another good one. Good design.

Jennifer McChristian said...

The opulent water reflections on the boat makes this painting shine (as well as the striking composition and intact drawing)


rob ijbema said...

a very strong image Mike
love the green in the water
the faded building woth the windows works a treat.
the rope is a brilliant lead in.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Thanks Chris.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Thanks Jennifer, wasn't feeling so hot about the colour in the second, but making more of an effort with the comp these days.

Michael Pieczonka said...

cheers Rob, The rope was an after thought.. but I think maybe it helps?

Stefan Nuetzel said...

I have to agree with all the others. Very successful compositions and beautiful paintings.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Thank Stefan. It's always fun to get down by the water.

Willy Ashworth said...


Thanks for posting these wonderful paintings.

They make my long for home, as of course they are about 2 blocks from my condo!!

They really brought a smile to my face.

I've taken many a photo of the Empire Sandy.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Wills, Thanks a bunch buddy. If it reminds you a bit of QQ then I'll take that as a compliment (seeing as you're a resident). It's great to paint down there, lots of eye candy this time of year!

Anonymous said...
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