Thursday, November 01, 2007

church sketch

A 6x8 PA of a local church.


Carolyn Hufty said...

All of your paintings are wonderful.
Linda Blondheim

Michael Pieczonka said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for the comment and stopping by. You've got some nice PA posts on the WC forum too!

C. Ousley said...

Good "drawing" in this painting. Cheerio!

rob ijbema said...

solid and sober
simple and strong
another good one michael

Jennifer McChristian said...

Great perspective and color harmony!
I always enjoy my visits here!
By the way, has it snowed yet?
Kinda miss that powdery white stuff......(no not THAT! ;-)

marcobucci said...

Great plein airs man. They all have a solid illusion of light in them. We gotta go out sometime. Painting, that is.

rob ijbema said...

hi mike
it's been a couple of months
hope everything is well...


Like this one lots Michael!

Cheers... Andrew