Tuesday, December 26, 2006

more rain....

Here is a sketch from a dreary day a few weeks ago.

Also an interesting house in 'da hood. A little on the "Kinkadish" side maybe.


Jo Castillo said...

Love the colors on this piece. Nice gesture as well.

william wray said...

All your work is getting so good. It's a tasty treat to see each new one.

tonypetersart said...

Hey Michael,
I love your use of gray, you've made good use of it.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Jo.. thanks. I think some of the colour in the first one was a bit accidental.. but I'll take it :D

Bill.. too kind!! (can you rep me maybe??:D:D) I am feeling slow improvemet with some of them.. but still a while more to go! Congrats on the South West article.

Tony.. cheers, I'm slowly realizing that greys are the key to colour strangley enough.